windows-server-warning.us says:

***Microsoft Alert***
System Blocked for Security Reasons.
Please ensure you do not restart your computer it may lead to Permanent Damage to the System or data loss.

WARNING - Microsoft windows has detected that a zeus virus has infected your system and trying to steal pictures, data and social networking passwords. This is a serious hacking issue You may be a victim of online identity theft.
Please Call 1-855-607-6111 for Support or Visit Support.Microsoft.com.

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Call Toll Free 1-855-607-6111 Or Visit Support.microsoft.com.

Your Browser have been hijacked or hacked.
This may happen due to obsolete network protections.
Consequenty we are performing additional security checks to verify the source of the attack and have halted all your system resources in order to prevent any additional damage to your system and information. Please ensure you do not restart your computer to prevent data loss.

Private and Financial Data is at RISK:
. Your credit card details and banking information
. Your e-mail passwords and other account passwords
. Your Facebook, Skype, AIM, ICQ and other chat logs
. Your private & family photos and other sensitive files
. Your webcam could be accessed remotely by stalkers


Seeing these pop-up's means that you may have a virus installed on your computer which puts the security of your personal data at a serious risk.
It's strongly advised that you call the number above and get your computer inspected before you continue using your internet, especially for Shopping or Banking.

Call immediately for assistance.
Contact Microsoft At ( 1-855-607-6111 )

Terms & Conditions
Copyright 2016 Microsoft. All rights reserved.